If you want to make a skin for Eclipse you can make one via the OpenSkin Editor or by using a template JSON file. You can access our featured skins endpoint at

OpenSkin Editor Template

Share API

Skin designers, repo operators, and software developers can easily interact with Eclipse via URL endpoints.

  • Import ROM:
    • ROM_NAME The name of the game, as it will be displayed to the user.
    • ROM_IMAGE A link to an image to act as the box art for the game.
    • ROM_LINK A direct URL to the game ROM. It must not be hosted on sites like MediaFire, MEGA, or Google Drive. It must be a direct download link to the ROM.
    • ROM_SYS The system the game is meant for. Can be NES, SNES, SMS, SGG, GB, GBC, or GBA.
  • Add Skin:
    • SKIN_URL The URL to the skin. It must end in .json.
  • Test Skin:
    • TOOL_NAME The name of the application testing a skin.
    • SKIN_CODE The raw (JSON) contents of the skin to test, encoded as base64.


You can press any of the buttons below to test the Eclipse Share API.

ROM Skin Test Skin