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Eclipse 2.0

Built from the ground up.

Eclipse 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Eclipse. It features a new UI, OpenSkin 2.0 for improved themes, major speed improvements, and other things that make Eclipse one of the easiest to use emulators out there. We're working on it as much as we can, and hope you enjoy the finished project.

About 100% Complete

More Systems Supported

Four was just the beginning.

Eclipse 2.0 adds support for the Sega Master System and, with Experimental Cores, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. That's all without dealing with the hassle of downloading emulators: just open Eclipse, add your game, and press play!

Eclipse. Reimagined.

An intuitive way to play.

Eclipse 2.0 reimagines our entire UI, from the game library to the controller view, to make it easier, more natural, and more comfortable.

Disclaimer: SNES is currently not supported on iOS.

Introducing Game Hub

All your ROMS. All in one place.

Game Hub puts your world of ROMS in a single place. From repos from your NAS to cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, adding games has never been this easy.

Smart Box Art Detection

Box art. Easy as pie.

When adding a ROM from a URL or a cloud service like Google Drive, Eclipse will try to use the file name to automatically set the game's name and box art. You give us a file. We'll do the rest.

OpenSkin 2: Skins for All

Skins for more than just Eclipse.

Eclispse 2.0 adds support for OpenSkin 2.0, making skin designing easier than ever, and thanks to support in other apps like Mojo and Sega4iOS, your Eclipse skins can be used in more than just Eclipse.

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