• Fixes an issue where the download proxy would never get used, making Dropbox unusable.
  • Fixes an issue where the UI would scroll in the emulator view.
  • Fixes an issue where the L button would be touching the D-Pad on iPads.



This update fixes an issue where offline support may not have worked for some users.


This update re-enables the Service Worker for offline usage. If you previously disabled the Service Workers setting for Safari, you will need to re-enable it to play games offline; move over your data if you haven’t already and were experiencing loading issues:

  1. First export a backup in Eclipse’s settings.
  2. Add a new Eclipse icon to your home screen.
  3. Re-enable the “Service Workers” setting in Safari’s Advanced, Experimental Features section (found in the iOS settings app).
  4. Import the backup in your new home screen icon, in Eclipse’s settings.
  5. Enjoy!

If Eclipse doesn’t load for you, use the steps outlined here to load it again, and then do the steps above: https://twitter.com/TryEclipse/status/1641610415208579072


This update fixes a bug where using the “Upload a Game” button in Settings -> Non-Library Saves would incorrectly say SNES games were unsupported.


  • Decreases the opacity of touch controls in portrait mode to prevent screen burn-in.


  • Fixes an issue where attempting to quit a SNES game wouldn’t work if no save data was present.
  • Fixes touch controls on smaller devices.
  • Fixes some general skin issues.


  • Introduces a new setting that lets you toggle between needing the ringer or not for game audio. This lets you watch a video or listen to music while playing a game.
  • Reorganizes Settings slightly.
  • Adds icons to the game menu items.


This update fixes some bugs introduced in v2.2.5:

  • Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulation was very slow. Switched back to the old frame timing.
  • Safari toolbar cutting off buttons.
  • Featured skins’ URLs were incorrect.
  • File picker graying out ROM files.

A fix is coming for iPhone SE/5-sized devices with their controls covering each other. In the meantime, use landscape mode.


This update is only a version bump to clear users’ service worker cache.


This update is mainly quality-of-life improvements, fixing many bugs and making the experience more straightforward. It is not v3.0.0, but hopefully makes the wait more bearable.

New Features

  • A new Systems page in settings for seeing all the systems Eclipse supports and their features.
  • Add a “Reset Controls” option.
  • Removed repos entirely. Now there’s just a single homebrew list.

User Experience

  • There should be a significant improvement in control responsiveness and general touch control feel.
  • New sheet when you select games, making management options more clear.
  • Redesigned emulation menu.
  • Split “Add Game” and “Load Game” into two different buttons to reduce confusion.
  • Prevents the issue of the magnifying glass appearing over controls more, though if you double tap and hold, it will still show up. It’s an iOS-level issue.
  • Renamed “Auto-Save Rate” to “Auto-Store Rate”
  • Improve core loading.
  • Improved NES support.
  • Streamlined settings, merging Storage with the main page.
  • You now stay logged into Google Drive across sessions.
  • Audio no longer requires you to turn on your ringer on iOS and iPadOS.


  • Fixed adding via Dropbox.
  • Fix Ignore Aspect Ratio
  • Request for storage persistence when possible.
  • Fixed grammar in various places.
  • Greatly improved offline support and cache invalidation.
  • Fixed parts of save management. The compatibility of imports and exports should be improved.


  • Expected minimum iOS version is now iOS 11.
  • Migrate to Framework7 v7.
  • Migrate from Webpack to Vite.
  • Migrate UI to Svelte.
  • Migrate codebase to TypeScript.
  • Migrate to the new Eclipse API


This update is meant to serve as a hotfix. This is not v3.0.0. That will be releasing later. This fixes some annoying bugs/bad UX and adds some support for SNES games on iOS, just so we can spend a little more time developing v3.0.0. Better SNES support will come with v3.0.0.

Besides fixing SNES, no additional support for games has been added.

New Features

  • SNES games now run on iOS. However: you cannot change the volume, there are no cheats, and no save states. Those features will be supported in v3.
  • SNES games now save.
  • SNES games now support audio.
  • SNES games now support custom keyboard bindings.
  • Uses the new control system from v3, as it fixes many issues people were having with the old one.
  • You can now upload a game in the “Uploaded Games Saves” menu, found in Settings > Storage, to easily manage an uploaded game’s save.
  • You can now import saves without even having played a game, using the same feature as mentioned above.
  • You can now delete saves from the “Uploaded Games Saves” menu.
  • Controllers now support Joysticks


  • Fixed backups not working for some users.
  • Fixed individual battery saves exporting to export proper .sav files.
  • Controllers list now updates when you connect a controller on the Settings page.
  • Only uploaded games’ save files now show in the “Uploaded Games Saves” menu.
  • GBA games render pixel-perfect, rather than the wonky mess it was before.
  • Default “Hide Controls” setting is now based on whether the browser supports touch.
  • Fixed issue where “Fill Screen” was being used, even if it wasn’t enabled.
  • Separated “Upload” from the add methods, as it does not add the game to your Library.
  • Renamed “Upload” to “Files”
  • Temporarily removed “Report Issue” button in Settings, just report issues to the Discord server for now (invite can be found at the bottom of Settings).
  • Fixed some skin icons, which were pointing to non-existent assets.


  • Updated and cleaned up FAQ a bit. Questions and answers are much more modern.


While our team is working on Eclipse v3, we’d figure we’d release an update to help get things ready and to fix some annoying bugs.

New Features:

  • Allow importing and exporting of battery saves (.sav) and Delta saves.
  • Allows for the save management of uploaded games (Settings -> Storage -> Uploaded Game Saves)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented .eclipse backups from exporting properly on iOS.
  • Fixed a bug where some icons were absent.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-save preferences get reset when loading the Settings page.
  • Automatically attempt to re-log into Google Drive, if logged out.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Sega Master System/Game Gear games from starting.
  • OpenSkin skins now properly style table cells on desktop.
  • Audio now plays in Safari.

User Experience:

  • The control design has been slightly tweaked.
  • Eclipse now saves games on quit.
  • More frequent auto-save options are now present.
  • The new default auto-save frequency for new users is now 30s.
  • Remove the ability to download Google Drive games from the UI. It was never supposed to be possible, but now the UI compliments this.
  • Prevent new users from using Eclipse on non-secure connections. We’ll automatically redirect these users to HTTPS.
  • Made the not-secure Google Drive warning more descriptive for existing users.
  • Minor text fixes.

We’re also hard at work with Eclipse v3, and want to lay some groundwork for what’s to come. One of these is the removal of repos. Yes, you heard us, but let us explain.

There’s a lot of legitimate homebrew repos out there; Eclipse features them. However, there exists quite a bit of piracy repos, too. While before we would block known pirate repos, that’s a whack-a-mole game we don’t want to play. Instead, in the future, homebrew games will have their own section dedicated to them to replace repos.

This version does not totally remove repos (if you really want, you can still add them with the Eclipse GET API or JavaScript), but removes the ability to add new custom repos to help ease the shock of their complete removal in v3. Trust us on this; it’s for the best and helps ensure Eclipse’s longevity.

Regarding v3

As for what’s coming in Eclipse v3, we have a lot of exciting news. We’re working on porting desktop-grade cores to the Web and redesigning our front-end from scratch to be more performant than Framework7. However, such a task isn’t easy, so keep an eye out for our developments on our Twitter, subreddit, and Discord server.

We’re aiming for a release by the end of 2020.

Did you know? If you’re into jailbreaking iOS, you may be interested in Parcility, an online repo browser for jailbreak repos coming soon from the team that brought you Eclipse.


Rebuilt for the Modern Web

Eclipse’s codebase has now been completely rebuilt for the modern web, using ES6 technologies. The UI should feel snappier, and should load faster too. Under the hood improvements also allow for us to add new cores with relative ease.

More Robust Sorting

Game sorting should be easy and quick, so we made it that way. In the Library view there’s a new sort button. You can sort by name, system, or recently added. You can also opt to choose a list view, instead of a card view.


You can now use cheats in supported cores (such as the NES). To add cheats, right click/tap hold on a game object, and go to the cheats menu (if it isn’t there, cheats aren’t supported).

Saves Management

Ever wanted to restart a game without resetting Eclipse completely? Well, we finally implimented a way to fix that problem. You can now import and export individual save games for use later. In order to use this feature, you have to play the game first, just so we know which game to tie the data to.

Dark Mode

On iOS 13 and macOS Mojave, Eclipse will automatically switch to a new dark interface when Dark Mode is enabled on your device. No need to switch themes!

Controls Updates

We’ve recognized the abysmal touch-controls of the older Eclipse versions, and significantly improved them. Controls no longer get stuck, and are larger too.

In addition to that, we’ve added support for controllers! You can now play games with controllers, browser permitting, just connect your controller and go to settings. You should see your it listed under the contols section, and from there you can bind controls easily.

For Repo Creators

We’ve created a new repo format that is significantly more semantic; it removes redundancy and creates a simple format. You can still use the old format just fine, but we recommend that repos be made with the new format.

…and so much more!

We’ve made a lot of improvements to the user experience that make Eclipse 2.1 the best version yet.