To use Eclipse, you must acknowledge and accept our Terms of Service.

Eclipse does not condone the usage of illegally obtained game files (ROMs), which can be defined as sharing ROMs without the licensee’s consent. If you download a ROM from the Internet and it does not have the licensee’s express permission, you would violate copyright law. Legal revenues of obtaining games would be to purchase the game and “dump” its ROM file or to play openly licensed games (like those found in the Homebrew section of Eclipse).

Eclipse reserves the right to block user content, such as ROMs and skins, should they violate any law. We do not store user data besides temporarily with queries against our API and the streamed response from our download proxy. Despite this, we will comply with any warrants if necessary. As of March 2023, we have not received any warrants from law enforcement. Eclipse is based in the United States of America, so we comply with American law.


Zenith Dev Team (the development team behind Eclipse) itself does not do any tracking on our users, only our partners:

  • We use Cloudflare as our DNS and web analytics provider. Additionally, we use Cloudflare Pages to host our data. Only basic anonymous data is collected (i.e., what browsers or operating systems are used).
  • We do display ads throughout our website from Google Ads. We additionally show ads from Propeller on our “pre-install” and “pre-play” pages. Ads are not shown in the web app. If you wish to bypass this, you may use an ad blocker or go directly to

Data Storage & Gameplay

All user data is stored locally on the user’s device via the localStorage Web API. This data can be imported or exported in Settings via the backup functionality. We operate a CORS proxy on the subdomain. No data is stored on our server outside the request’s lifetime, as it simply makes the request to the specified URL and streams its response back to the user. The proxy is only used if Eclipse cannot directly reach the URL on the user’s device. No details about the request are stored. The source code for the API is publicly available on GitHub at

All emulation is done locally on the user’s device; you may disconnect from the internet once the game is loaded.

App Linking

In the Eclipse interface, you can link with other data providers, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Games on Dropbox are subject to using the CORS proxy described before. Google Drive requests are made directly, without the CORS proxy.